and efficient governance,

  • and to carr▓y out mutually beneficial international exchanges and cooperation; to have an advanced and op
  • en space scienc▓e and technology industry, stable and reliable space infrastructure, pioneering a
  • nd innovative professionals, and a rich and profound space spirit; to provide strong support for
  • the realization of the Chinese Dream of the re▓newal of the Chinese nation, and make positive co
  • nt▓ributions to human civilization and progress.3. PrinciplesChina's space industry is subject to and

serves the nation▓al

overall development s

trategy, and adheres

to the prin▓ciples

of innovative, coor

dinated, peaceful

erall space development.- Peaceful development. China always adheres to the principle of the use of outer space for peaceful purposes, and o▓pposes the weaponization of or an arms race in outer ▓space. The country develops and utilizes

and open deve▓lopment

.- Innovative develo

space resou▓rces in a prudent manner, takes effective measures ▓to protect the space environment to ensure a peacef▓ul and clean outer space and guarantee that its space ▓activities benefit the whole of mankind.- Open developme▓nt. China persists in

pment. China tak

combining independence and s▓elf-reliance with opening to the outside world and international cooperation. It actively engages in inte▓rnational exchanges and cooperation on the basis of equality

and mutual benefit, peaceful utilization, and inclusive development, striving to promote progress of space industry for mankind as a whole and its long-term sustainable development.Please scan th

  • es independent innovation as the core of the
  • development of its space▓ industry. It implements major space science and
  • techno▓logy projects, strengthens scientific exploration an
d technological innovation, deep ens institutional refo rms, and stimulates innovation a nd creativity, working to pr▓omote rapid development of the space industry.- Coordin▓ated development. China rationally al locates various reso urces, enc ourages and gu ides social forces to take an orde rly part in space deve lopment. All s pace activities▓ are 全南县5G 长子县5G 镇宁布依族苗族自治县5G 开封县wap 广西壮族自治区wap 西藏wap 江苏省wap 荥阳市5G 雄县wap 兴义市5G 济南市wap 确山县wap 通州区wap 深泽县wap 高青县5G 乌拉特前旗5G 临高县5G 宽甸满族自治县5G 琼海市wap 稷山县wap w7传奇私服单机架设 超变单职业传奇私服网站 传奇私服攻沙规则 烟花冰雪传奇私服 sf999传奇私服发布网 网通传奇私服英雄 传奇私服佣兵版本 1.80暴风传奇私服 散人传奇私服网 1.85战神复古传奇私服